World Thyroid Day Programming:

Nuclear Disasters: Thyroid Consequences & Thyroid Protection

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We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday, May 25, 2022 @ 10am EDT / 7am PDT.

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Nuclear Disasters: Thyroid Consequences & Thyroid Protection

Nuclear Disasters: Thyroid Consequences & Thyroid Protection

On behalf of the American Thyroid Association, Asia & Oceania Thyroid Association, European Thyroid Association, and Latin American Thyroid Society, we  invite you to join us on World Thyroid Day, May 25, 2022 at 10am EDT,  to hear thyroid experts from around the world discuss nuclear disasters and the thyroid. 

Moderator: Peter Kopp
Denise Pires Carvalho; Byeong-Cheol Ahn; Cari Kitahara; Sophie Leboulleux; Helton Ramos; Rodrigo Moreno Reyes; Shunichi Yamashita 

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10:00 New York
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15:00 London
16:00 Zurich

5/25/2022 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
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Topics to be discussed on the webinar are:

  • What are effects of radiation on the thyroid gland?
  • Different strategies that might be needed in war zone versus an accident in peace times
  • Special considerations for pregnant women and infants
  • Updated animal data about KI 
  • What is the evidence from Chernobyl documenting an increase in thyroid cancer incidence?
  • How should the data on thyroid cancer prevalence in the Fukushima area be interpreted?
  • What is the principle of prophylaxis with potassium iodide?
  • What is the evidence that potassium iodide is protective?
  • When, to whom, and for how long should potassium iodide be administered?
  • What are potential adverse effects of potassium iodide?
  • How do different countries address the logistics of distributing potassium iodide?
  • What are the current recommendations for potassium iodide prophylaxis by health authorities and professional organizations?